• Change of plans, our first flight within Asia

    A couple of days before our vietnamese tourist visa expired we had to face a difficult decission which would affect the philosophy of our trip and consecuently our trip itself. We had two options: whether cross the north of Laos in order to come back to Thailand again by land, or take a plain and make the whole thing easier for one time. The first option was our starting plan. We always had thought of keeping our feet close to the earth, so that we are able to diggest the differences between countries, cultures and landscapes. We have always had enough time to do it this way too. The second option, the one with a plane involved, had been a temptation before since one can travel fast and easy between two points in a matter of hours, not weeks. We did the usual research –internet, travel agencies, other travellers…- and finally decided that we were flying this time.


    On one side of the balance was our desire to come back to Laos and visit the north of the country, which we were not able to visit on our prior trip because of our camera problem. Crossing the border by land would have been paying 60 USD for a 30 days visa plus the usual problems and delays of any trip in Laos. On the other side of the balance was our desire to finally visit the south of Thailand, the beaches, the islands… and their laid back atmosphere, all this for just a mouse click and 70 USD. So, it was difficult, but we finally took a decission. We booked our flight from Hanoi to Bangkok with Air Asia –a low fare airline- and it only took us 2 hours to be back in our preferred asian metropole, nice and easy!

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