• Hitting the road again!

    After a one month visit to our roots, our family, our friends and our traditions, we come back to the new, to the unknown, to the surprising things that a trip to south east Asia has to offer.

    The best and cheapest option we have found to fly back from Spain to south east Asia is from Mallorca to Bangkok, Thailand. We have taken advantage of having friends in many places and have stayed at Niko’s place in Palma de Mallorca. Niko is a real Berliner, one of those you don’t find easily in Berlin and who I (Hector) met during the almost 4 years that I was living in Germany. He showed us the city and took us to some nice places and parties in the 2 days we spent there and it was really good fun!!

    Now we are in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and fun has just started now. It’s nicer, cleaner and less noisy and polluted than we thought and we are very curious about this culture. Besides, Thai people seem to be very friendly. So, it seems we are gonna have a good time here!! Our unique big problem right now… we are in the hot season, which means temperatures around 36-38ºC during the day and with a big humidity. This seems a sauna!!! Hopefully we will get used soon…

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