• Me and the hammock

    Since we arrived in Koh Tao and found “Homer”, the way we have to refer to our beautiful wooden house in the island, I’m experimenting a great feeling of peace and joy through spending long hours in the hammock. It is something I had already learnt from this trip and anothers before. Since our visit in India I have tried, rounding up, around fifty different hammocks and other balancing sits. It has always been recomfortating and nice to let myself flow with the movement from side to side. But it is being this time, in our wooden house in Koh Tao, that I am really getting addicted to it. I have breakfast on the hammock; write, read and smoke on the hammock. I even eat on the hammock and spend the time I’m at home laying on the hammock. When I have left the house and come back, I come back to the hammock. When we go to a bar, I always look for a bar with a hammock. I also sleep on the hammock sometimes.


    I have realized it is starting to be too much but I can only wish there is a hammock free for me wherever I go. Am I getting even lazier in Koh Tao? Is it because I feel like inside the belly of my mom again? I’m starting to be concerned about that and I think is time to quit this bad habit of only thinking about my hammock. Should I really be worried about or should I only let it be? Is there any way to avoid it? Is there any detox theraphy I could do? Well, I will try to find an answer to all that questions inside my head. While I look for the answer, I will only lay on the hammock again, watch the time pass by and enjoy life from the sight of my hammock!

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  1. Ro dice:

    Jajajaja, Héctor, qué risa, tú tienes un problema (ojalá todos fueran de ese tipo :-). Seguid disfrutando por esas tierras y contando aventurillas, que yo os seguiré leyendo desde las Antillas (me voy a pillar una hamaca también, me has convencido). Cuidaros mucho pareja, molts besets desde Valencia pa los dos!

  2. Hector dice:

    Hola Rocio!!!
    Ya te pensabamos en Martinica a estas alturas…. Cuando partes??
    Definitivamente tienes que agenciarte una hamaca si te vas alli, las cosas se ven distintas desde ella… Ademas, aquello son las Antillas, vamos! el paraiso de las hamacas!!! Esperamos tener noticias tuyas pronto…

  3. I was in Thailand last year and also fell in love with hammocks. Make sure you go to a bar carrd Jimms in Ko Phang Yang, it’s full of hammocks..

  4. Grace dice:

    What! Hammock sounds amazing! Why question about the hammock usage so much? (You’ve been saving money not paying for hostels, right?)

    I say, more power to you. Somebody’s gotta rock the hammock, might as well be you

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