• Koh Tao or Turtle Island

    Eight hours night bus from Bangkok, a short lapse of time for a coffee and a toast in the pier, and a 45 minutes speed boat ride after we were finally steping on the Turtle Island, a tropical paradise full of coconut palm trees, jungle hills and marvellous turquoise waters.


    The island has different areas, bays and beaches and it’s surrounded by a generally calmed sea with clear, warm water, coral reefs and colourful aquatic fauna. It is a paradise for divers, snorkellers and anybody who enjoys nature and swimming. And unfortunately, also for those having a couple of weeks holiday and wanting to get pissed and party everyday for less money and in a much beautitul surrounding than the one at home –it’s allright but they are always those people who break the silence, the magic and the atmosphere of this kind of places.


    The highest point of the island is 379 metres above sea level but there are many uphill and downhill paths that make walking around a little bit tiring. This is why everybody -there are little exceptions like us- opt for hiring a motorbike to move around the island and some of the roads –the few of them which are in good paved condition- tend to be busy at all times. The main areas in Koh Tao are Mae Had, Sairee and Chalok beaches, which are well developed, with bars, accommodation, diving schools, internet cafes, shops… The rest of the island is connected by poor roads, trails and paths. The result is: the further you go from the main area, the less people will surround you and the less commodities and amenities you will find. It is good though, if you are exactly looking for that!


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