• Huay Xai, border town

    We have been already 2 times in Huay Xai. The first one was on our first day in Laos, when we just crossed the border and spent the rest of the day wandering around the main street, looking for good food (which we didn’t find anywhere) and for information on what to do in Laos, since we had cross the border without having any idea of what to do next. We have been told by many people that Laos is great, so we were so looking forward to get in there that we didn’t even plan the first days of our stay. We were a little disappointed due to the fact that we could not communicate with people (not even with our now well developed skills in body language) as we wanted to.


    The second time was after some days, when we came back from our trip to the Laos northern region, Muang Sing and the tribal villages. This time we knew what to expect from the town and could enjoy more our short stay there. We found a cheaper guest house, a better place to eat and the information we needed to catch a slow boat to navigate the Mekhong river on the next morning.

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