• Crossing the border between Thailand and Laos

    In order to finish earlier with this first part of our trip in Thailand (we will come back in a couple of months to travel the south of the country) we decided to catch a local bus, instead of the usual hitch hicking, from Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong, the northern most border crossing between Thailand and Laos.


    We took a boat to cross the Mekhong river and after a couple of minutes we were waiting for the Lao border officers to finish their bingo game and food to get our 30 day visa for the country. They seem to spend all the money that we tourists pay for the permission to enter the country in that Bingo game because the table where they were playing was full of dollar, euro, baht and kip notes.

    As speculated in some travel guides, the Lao border tends to close for long periods of time every day in order to avoid tourists to catch any of the very few buses to go away from that border town, Huay Xai. So we had to spend the night there and started to get in touch with the Lao culture.

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