• Bangkok

    Bangkok has been a good surprise for us: it is clean, well organaised and much less noisy than we had expected. It is a very crowded city but everybody seems to be in his given place and we never felt overwhelming as in another cities, such as Delhi or Mumbai in India. We had the impression that Thailand is going to be much easier to travel than India or Nepal, although we really like challenges…



    We found a cheap place to stay in Soi Rambutri, a most likely backpackers zone around Kao San Road, where many guest houses, shops and restaurants fulfill the needs of all the independent travellers arriving in Thailand through Bangkok. One can find everything around these two streets: from small food stalls selling fresh Thai food to westener style bars to party and dance.


    But this was not what we were looking for in our trip, so we caught some public buses (non air-co, to come closer to the Thais) and explored some parts of the city which are kind of hidden to the tourist. Once again we got surprised as many of these “hidden streets” looked the ones in “touristy Bangkok” alike, I mean, we couldn’t get as deep into local Thailand’s as we wanted to. Is this, what we are looking for, non existing? We will have to wait until the next time we will come back to Bangkok to make sure of it, since we left the city after some 4 or 5 days of getting acclimatized (and this is real, we came from a pleasant temperature average of 25 ºC and arrived at over 35 ºC and a very high humidity in the ambience) and started our way up to the north of the country on the cheapest public transport in Thailand: 3rd class sitting train.


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