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    Patan is also known as the city of beauty (Lalitpur) and it might be because of the huge amount of stupas and “bahals” (interior courtyards) spread out all over the city. Its Durbar Square has an even higher amount of ancient buildings than Kathmandu’s or Bhaktapur’s (the third city in importance in Kathmandu’s Valley) and it’s an amazing place to visit and discover the greatness of the Newar architecture (XIV to XVIII century). Much more interesting for us, after having visited already the very similar Durbar Square in Kathmandu, was the nice walking tour planned by the Tourism Authorities of the city, which we did independently and which takes you through narrow streets, “bahals” (courtyards), “hitis” (water tanks) and tuns (pools), providing an image of the communal way of life in Newar villages. Patan is only a short bus ride from Kathmandu’s bus stand (around 7 Rupees) and can be visited in a day out excursion from the capital. There are some hotels and restaurants around Durbar Square, although they are a bit more expensive than the ones in Thamel or Freak Street, so we would recommend to stay in Kathmandu rather than here.