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  • Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor


    Our third destination in the country was Siem Reap, the closest town –around 6 km- to the ancient temple ruins of the reign of Angkor. The town is a secure investment place for anybody wanting to start up a tourism related business due to the proximity of Angkor Wat and the rest of the tourist sites. This is why many of the hotels and restaurants are massive and run by westeners. An example we found would be Babel Siem Reap Guest House, a highly reccommended place to stay for its clean, spacious rooms and for the new owners, a spanish, an italian and a french guy, all of them very friendly and helpful. Another recommended guest house right next would be the Good Kind Guest House, where we actually were staying and from where we arranged our visit to the Angkor area, bus tickets, etc. There was one amazing cambodian guy -Seiha- who was responsible for the guests and who made his best to accomplish their needs. Thank you very much for everything!!

    angkor-wat.JPG caras-en-el-templo.JPG arbol-en-una-templo.JPG

    There is much to say about the temples of Angkor, capital of Cambodia’s anciente Khmer empire, but we don’t have the space to explain it all here, it would be too long. More than one hundred Angkorian monuments are all spread in a very vast extension (over some 3000 sq Km) surrounded by water and forest, linked by kilometres of sinuous roads which you may cover by bicycle or tuk tuk. We took the second option since we had bought a 3 days ticket -40 USD and apparently, enough time to see the most important sites- and the temperature during the day seemed to be too hot to cycle, so it felt to be a good way to do the whole loop around the temples. And it certainly was because we were able to rest on the meantime between one temple and another plus being underneath a shadow and with an english speaking driver who explained us a few things about the complex. Our only mistake was trying to do too many things on the second day though. We planned to be touring the sites from sunrise to sunset nonstop and were completely knocked out by midday, returning to the hotel short time later. Unfortunately we did not see neither sunrise –rainy season means usually clouds!- nor sunset, which are supposed to be the best times of the day to take pics, but enjoyed our visit to the max anyway, specially in the more remote, jungle covered temples such as Ta Prohm and Preah Palilay, which we were lucky to visit being the only people there, a completely different experience. All in all we had a very good time exploring the ruins but something must be said too: we have had enough of seeing Khmer temples for a while!!!

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