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  • Maika Makovski´s concert in Valencia


    Hi guys!!!

    ¿¿¿¿¿¿How´s the day going??????

    Actually, I am preparing things to inform you about everything that happens in Valencia, so that you may have a better stay in our hostels.
    There aren’t any more things going on this week, but we have the party halloween in Purple Nest Hostel, in Valencia. And I think that every year, this celebration will be held in all countries. So, ¿Are u ready for it? I’m already preparing my costume. And I want it to be scarier..hahaha!
    Okai! Another event that you cant´t miss is the Mika Mikovski´s concert.
    Mika Mikovski  will be performing next Thursday (November 28) at 21:30 in Wah Wah.
    If u don´t know her, you can see one of her videos.

    What do u think about this??
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