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  • Thai cooking lesson in Chiang Mai


    One of the reasons why we came to Thailand was for its culinary delights. It was not the beaches nor the big cities, although we would like visit them too, it was the food that called our attention more than anything else. So far in our trip in the country we have been meeting different ethnics and tasting many different regional specialities and we love the way Thais have to prepare their food and how good it taste always!

    So once in Chiang Mai, the culinary capital of the north of Thailand and a very famous city for its restaurant and cooking schools, we have decided to join a one day cooking lesson in “The Chiang Mai Thai Farm Cooking School”. On this one day, starting at around 9 am we visited one local market where we were explained about the different types of rice and about the way to extract coconut cream and milk.

    rice-stall.JPG market-stall.JPG

    After buying all the necessary ingredients in the market we drove almost 20 km to the organic farm where the courses are held. The first thing was to cook sticky and steamed rice before going for a walk in the farm to see where all these delicious vegetables, herbs and spices come from. Then we cooked 4 different dishes each: one curry paste (yellow and green), the respective curry (yellow and green) with tofu and vegetables (although it could have been cooked with chicken or pork), one Tom Yam and one Thai Vegetable soups, tofu with basil leaves and tofu with cashew nuts stir-fries.

    hector-con-el-wok.JPG julia-preparing-green-curry.JPG


    The time to taste and lunch arrived and we ate all these 4 dishes we had already cooked, or at least a part of them since it was too much food to eat at the same time. With the stomach completely full and wanting to have a nap we continued cooking 2 more thai specialities each: Pad Thai Fried Noodles and Spring Rolls and Bananas in Coconut Milk and Mango with Sticky Rice for dessert. We were not able even to try them because we where completely full but we packed every dish in a plastic bag and took them with us for that day’s dinner time.


    Finally we were brought back to our hotel in Chiang Mai, where we finally could eat the rest of the things. We had a great time in the farm, learnt some good things that we are looking forward to show to our friends and family, and made some new friends who we hope to meet again somewhere else during our trip. See you guys!!