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  • The Bolaven Plateau


    The fertile Bolaven Plateau is a semi remote area in the south eastern part of Laos, famous for its cool climate, waterfalls, fertile soil and high grade coffee plantations. In the last years, some “good roads” –sealed- have been constructed and it is now easier to travel around the province either by motorbike or by public transport. We decided to rent a 110 c.c. motorbike, the most convenient way to cover the area. Shopping around in Pakse we found a brand new Honda with only 15000 km and for a reasonable price and started the loop on the same afternoon.

    tad-lo-waterfall.JPG tad-fan-watrefall.JPG

    We stopped for the first night at Tad Lo waterfalls, where a dense concentration of lodges and guest houses spreads along the river. It is in that kind of moments when we realise how good it is to be travelling in the low season, since most of the hotels are empty (bad for them but more intimate for us). From there we took the road on the next morning to go to Sekong. The scenic road was kind of short ride for us and we decided to continue over towards Attapeau, where we spent the afternoon between the local market and the town bridge, from where we could enjoy an spectacular sunset over the river and a pretty full moon later on.


    On the third day, we took an offroad path (not paved) to Paksong, the capital of the coffee plantations. With “coffee plantations” we were specting something bigger, something much more spectacular. In any case, the path we took to get there and our stay in Paksong were completely rewarding. We found a beautiful wooden guest house a bit appart of the town (Boraven Guest House) with a lonely tree on the courtyard, which two friendly Gibbons considered their home. Much of the time in Paksong we were playing, observing and feeding them. We were impressed in how friendly and playful they were. On the next day, early in the morning, we continued back to Pakse, where we arrived at early noon and got ready to cross the border to Thailand again on our search for a place to fix our camera…

    gibbon1.JPG blue-snake.JPG