• White Nest Openning Party in Granada Spain

    Hostels Granada Openeing PartyGranada Hostels Nest has opened the doors of its new youth hostel, with young people for young people. We arrived in Granada stomping and we want to celebrate in style.

    We are organizing a opening party but we lack the essential, the guests! And that party is a party can not miss the essential:

    A group of music. Someone has to give life to the party

    The kings of the track. There are people that the pace he runs through the veins, as it flows!

    The handsome and pretty. Yes, mannequins you see in the holidays, they are people!

    The funny. There is always someone who wants to be party boss, but we love it!

    The barman juggler. “Shake or move? The show is served

    What about you? Think you are essential at this event?

    Join now! The festival starts on June 26.

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    White Nest Hostel Granada

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