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    The city of Valencia is blessed with a gentle coastline dotted with some of the most splendid beaches on theMediterranean. Its pleasant climate and year-round sunshine mean that Valencia’s beaches are a hub of constant activity. The fact that the Spanish, and Valencians in particular, are renowned for their ability to enjoy life is proven by the way they flock to the sand and sea as soon as summer comes around.



    The sea front of Valencia is divided in two by a modern port separating north from south. Along the beaches of the north side starting at the port there are many restaurants and the Paseo Marítimo, a huge promenade which stretches out all the way to Alboraya (see beaches Terra i Mar).

    Walking along the Paseo Marítimo you will come across the more crowded and popular beaches of Valencia: Playa Las Arenas, Playa Cabañal and Playa de la Malvarrosa. The restaurants located next to Playa Las Arenas (near to the port) are famous for their excellent paella. South of the port you will find the quieter beach Playa Pinedo, which is one of the two Valencian beaches to have been awarded with a “Blue Flag”. Playa Pinedo stretches all the way out to Playa Devesa, the other Valencian beach awarded with the “Blue Flag”, and Playa El Saler both located in the Albufera Nature Reserve. City Beach in Valencia:

    Playa las Arenas / Cabanyal

    It’s a fine and golden sand beach with urban aspect having all kind of services, as well as sport and amusement areas for children. Nice temperatures in Valencia make this beach to be bustling during the most part of the year. Furthermore, it is one of the most frequented night life places from the month of April to the month of October.


    The southern part of the beach is a leisure area for promenades, events, restaurants, bars and hotels. The northern part becomes more of a beach itself, gradually evolving into the Malvarossa beach. This beach is the start of the beachline in the Valencia city itself. The beach joins with the walls of America’s Cup Port, it is the closest, the most built-up and the most accessible to the city, and as such it is the official city beach for activities and events, so to speak.


    Meaning it is more of a backdrop for leisure activitiesand events, rather than the place for sunbathing crowds. Whenever there is a sports event on the beach, or a public event it happens here. This beachline is also popular with promenades – for a romantic sunset watching with a special one or socialising with a group of friends. The luxurious alley of Paseo Maritimo facilitates that. In the summer the alley also hosts a market to buy clothes, accessories  and souvenirs.


    The Playa de las Arenas is also a famous gastronomical reference point. A good half of it is lined with restaurants, typically Valencian to the bone. Here you find some names famous nationwide, like Pepica. This beach is where you are sent to try genuine Paellea Valenciana. Amonst the restaurants are also a few bars and PAF , such as Vivir sin Dormir and Cabbana Beach.



    Naturally, some people do choose to spread out in the Sun on the sands of this beach, but it is not as popular as further along. Usually people choose this stretch for a walk or a game on the sand. Las Arenas blends into Playa de Cabanyal. Here, you already notice the crowds. The Cabanyal beach, in turn, gradually evolves into the Playa Malvarossa, the main beach of Valencia.

    Length : 1200 Average width : 60 Busy : High Bus: 1, 2, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 32 Metro / Tram: Las Arenas (blue line East)


    Playa la Malvarrossa

    Is the urban beach par excellence in Valencia. Wide and open, of fine and golden sand, it shows a very bustling aspect both at the own beach, because of the quality and quantity of services offered, and along the waterfront delimiting it, which gathers restaurants and cafés.



    It has an adapted area for people with reduced mobility. La Malvarrosa is 1800 meters long, has an adapted area for people with reduced mobility.Next to the beach there are lots of restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy anything from a four course menu to a coffee or ice-cream.

    • Length : 1800
    • Average width : 60
    • Busy : Medium

    Bus: 1, 2, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 32 Metro / Tram: Las Arenas (blue line East) Beach near Valencia:

    Playa de Pinedo

    Beach located to the south of the port and the yacht port sheltering the beach from northern winds. It is an open beach of fine sand and preserves in its environment a dune and vegetation area giving way to a fringe of the popular “Valencian huerta”.Pinedo is the closest of the southern beaches.




    It is the first stop out of the city limits. However, the quality is not nearly as good as that of El Saler, which is only another 5 min down the road by the same bus.With the El Saler so close, there is no reason to get off here. Pinedo is just as crowded at peak times. However, Pinedo will be of interest to nudists.

    Length : 2700 Average width : 35 Busy : Medium



    Playa de El Saler

    The jewel in the crown of the immediate Valencia beachline, El Saler is a blue flag beach of supreme quality. White sand, dunes, blue warm water, clean strip, gentle breeze – El Saler is top quality. This is Valencian beaching at its best, until the coastline gets to Denia in the Alicante province.



    Almost five kilometres of open beach of fine golden sand are a real luxury making it one of the most crowded beaches in the area. Sheltered from western winds by a dune chain of high ecological value and a wide extension of pinewoods giving its environment a wild and natural aspect.



    In summer, Garbí wind blowing in the evening makes this beach one of the favourite ones for windsurfing keens..At only half an hour bus trip from the centre of Valencia, El Saler is a great bargain. Needless to say, though, it gets extremely popular on the international level in the summer.

    Length : 4900 Average width : 35 Busy : Medium


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