• Red Bull Thre3Style Valencia Qualifier

    DJing has grown from being a skill simply based on entertaining people with recorded music, to become one the modern world’s most popular and celebrated art-forms. DJs around the globe pursue their skills and techniques with obsessive vigor, sourcing never-heard-before works of musical genius, learning to beat-match so well that each tracks flows seamlessly into the next and pushing the art of turntablism or scratch-DJing to the point that they can literally re-invent a song on the spot.

    Yet so many spinners forget that the founding principle of DJing has never changed: DJs are there to entertain people with recorded music, in layman’s terms, “Rock the party with records”.


    Red Bull Thre3Style is a DJ contest that promises to be a night of dance-floor mayhem. The participants have to play a selection of at least three genres or styles of music in 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter what genres of music are chosen so long as the DJ can make them work together. The participating DJs are judged on their track-selection, technical skills, creativity and most importantly their ability to bring the house down.

    It doesn’t matter if they know all the DJing tricks and techniques in the book, if they can’t get the feet on the dancefloor and hands in the air, they don’t stand a chance of winning a Red Bull Thre3Style contest. All participants are judged by a panel of professional party starting DJs with much experience in the industry.

    In previous years Red Bull Thre3Style had been an exclusively Canadian event, but in 2010 the competition went global with ten countries from around the world hosting events to determine who the top party rocker in their country would be. This year the ante has been upped with challenges taking place in 16 different countries around the globe!

    Each country will select top DJs to participate per qualifier and the winners of those battles will compete in a national final to determine who is the Red Bull Thre3Style champion for that country. The ten champions from around the world will then go on to compete at the final in Vancouver, Canada in December. The winner will be the second international champion in history and they will have Red Bull’s official stamp of approval that they can rock the party like nobodies business.

    Valencia Qualifier 2011

    The Red Bull Thre3Style go again in 2011 clubs across the country to find the most complete DJ. The competition will be held in Spain for the second time after the success of last year, will take place throughout the month of September. Participants must show DJs various qualities to ensure its passage in each of the qualifying rounds.

    In addition to the skill with the management their beat, they should seek to limit the technical possibilities and get the audience excited and do not stop vibrating for 15 minutes at their disposal, which will have to choose the least three different musical styles.


    DJ Soak
    DJ Tillo
    DJ Gonne
    La Musique d’Ordinateur
    DJ Elko
    DJ Fonki Cheff
    DJ Stupendo Kalamar


    Opening: 00:00H – Competition start: 00:30Hree entrance with flyer until 01:30H – 10€ until 02:30H – Without flyer 14€. All the tickets include one drink.


    The original concept of Red Bull Thre3Style began three years ago as a Tuesday night experiment at a small club. With a steady supply of Red Bull, the concept found its wings in 2007 and became a fully-fledged DJ battle. The event had a regional focus and took place in six cities across Canada.

    In 2010 the event went global and changed the face of modern DJ battles. From the USA to Japan to Colombia to New Zealand, 10 countries from around the world held deep-heated events to determine who the best party-rocking battle ambassador would be.

    Ultimately these warriors of the one’s and two’s came together in Paris, France at the end of the year and flexed every musical muscle in their body at the Red Bull Thre3Style International Finals at the Élysée Montmartre.

    In the end is was Paris’s own DJ kArve who wowed the judges, consisting of heavyweights such as Jazzy Jeff and DJ Craze, with his impressive collage of hip-hop head-nodding electro-rocking tunage. If last year’s event was anything to go by then Red Bull Thre3Style 2011 is guaranteed to send the international DJing scene spinning like a record on a turntable.

    Event: Red Bull Thre3Style Valencia  qualifier

    Where: Club La 3  –  C/Padre Porta 2, Valencia, Valencia, España, 46024

    When:  16/September/ 2011 from 00:00

    Price: Free entrance with flyer until 01:30H – 10€ until 02:30H – Without flyer 14€. All the tickets include one drink.

    Web: www.redbull.com/cs/Satellite/en_INT/Thre3Style/001242810586525

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