• Travelling on the top of a bus

    There is no funnier (read risky) way to travel around Nepal than sitting on the top of a local bus, but it’s also the most dangerous one. Normally only the young nepali man travel like this when there is no more space inside the bus, although it is possible to see also backpackers doing it just for fun. If you are up for it ask to the driver, but bear in mind to do it for a short distance journey, as it can be very tiring. Nevertheless, if you rather travel the normal way, try to get as fast as you can into the bus to choose a good seat, since there is no seat booking and you can find yourself travelling standing up. Local buses in Nepal are private (not government run), therefore they always get as packed as possible even with people sitting on the corridor and the roof. This is why we recommend to choose a sit in the middle or back of the coach far from the door, where all the crowd normally is.

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