• Tourist packages

    The first thing that we where offered when we got to Chitwan’s National Park was a tourist package consisting on accommodation, meals, guided visit to the jungle, one hour elephant ride, one hour canoeing along the Rapti river, a Tharu cultural show and a visit to the elephant breeding centre. Almost every tourist that goes to Chitwan takes one of these packages offered by the hotels but we found it a rip off and most definitely not our cup of tea. On one hand, all the things listed can be done independently and therefore you can choose the guide you want, the jungle route to trek and the things you are more interested in doing. On the other hand it will surely be cheaper if you organise everything by yourself. The funny thing is that the hotel’s staff puts a lot of pressure on you to get the package with them. We advise you to get information around town from different places and to not get compromised with the first offer that you get.

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