• Mystic Nepal

    One of the most interesting things about Nepal is the mixture of different cultures in such a small country area. You can find Newars, Rais and Limbus all around Kathmandu Valley, Gurungs, Bahuns and Magars in Pokhara and its surroundings, Thakalis, Tamangs, Sherpas and Tibetans in the middle high mountains, and Tharus all along the Terai Valley. Apart from all those different ethnic groups, Hinduists, Buddists, Islamists and some kinds of Chamanism live all together in complete harmony.


    Religion is one of the most important aspects en the nepali life. Hinduism and Buddhism have combined perfectly in Nepal in a complex blend and this is even more evident in Kathmandu, where tibetan buddhists and nepali hinduists usually pray in the same temples. It is wonderful to be admiring a buddist temple, turn round and see people doing puja to their hinduist god, all within a few meters distance. You get surprised when late at night, in the middle of a extreme quietness and darkness, some voices shout unintelligible words asking to the spirits to stop torturing their relatives with an strange illness. One can breathe mystic everywhere and the most unexpected places could become a temple or sacred place. The vibes involve you and your soul is transported to a higher level of consciousness being in contact with this gorgeous nature. This must be how Siddhartha Gautama, Lord Buddha, must have found the enlightenment, by mere contemplation of his natural surrounding. One feel closer to truth in Nepal and the right way is just one step beyond, at everyone’s reach.


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