• Conclusion of Nepal

    We didn’t know much about Nepal when we realised that winter in the mountains is cold and we should start our visit to the world from the top before it got colder. We arrived to the country looking for mountains and first thing we found was plain tropical jungle landscapes. We had the idea of a smiling and friendly Nepali and our first contact is with a guy who tries to manipulate us at his convenience. The tranquillity that we had imagined was substituted by noisy traffic, pollution and dusty streets. The advantages of a small country disappear with the long hours spent in packed buses. In short, a two months visa, which seemed not to be enough when we first arrived, was in the end longer than we needed to visit the country.

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    In the meantime we have got the most out of Nepal. They have got the most out of us, as well. We have enjoyed the country and the people and hope they enjoyed us as much as we did. We have played with children, talked to adults and respected the elder. We have seen many different cultures and traditions and got amazed by all of them. We have got soaked in colours and wild nature. There were celebrations and sadness. There were honest people and cheaters. Unfortunately the bad things forced us to leave the country searching for the peace that we only found in the mountains. Well, even if this post sounds a bit negative, travelling is such a great experience, that it’s worth to know its bad side in order to appreciate it all. Nepal is great! You have to climb its mountains, discover its jungle and trek all its paths. Learn its cultures and origins. Bargain in its shops, ask people, answer them. You have to live their lives and learn to see things like they do… And these all is what we did, we decided to keep all the lovely things we have seen and leave the bad ones there, where they belong.

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