• Visiting the Taj Mahal through the back door

    We decided not to enter to the Taj Mahal’s inner compound and to spend the 15 euros entrance fee for foreigners (for indian citizens is just 0.3 euro!!!) in travel expenses and therefore extend the length of our trip. Instead of going inside the monument, we decided to have a much more interesting and educative walk to the other side of the Yamuna river, just on the back of the Taj Mahal. It was great to admire the building in complete tranquillity, interacting with locals and with no tourist around us. We can’t compare it with the actual experience of seeing the monument at close range, although we can assure that an independent traveller like us will enjoy much more this rewarding walk.


    The way follows the Yamuna river up to the first railway bridge, crossing to the other side of the river. It seems that very little number of tourists do this walk (everyone prefer to catch an otto or taxi rather than walk for an hour), since locals keep staring at us as if we were a cinema screen, like in the german expression “guecke ich wie ein Kino?”. The closer we get to the back side of the Taj, the poorest and less visited the area is. The friendliness and kindness of the people is overwhelming. After a while kidding and playing with children, we got to the view point where it’s possible to admire the Taj Mahal to its best. Anyway, for those wishing to enter to the Taj Mahal here is a tip: the South gate is normally not very busy and the access is faster than the East and West gates, where cueing can be longer than 1 hour!!!.


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