• Udaipur

    Udaipur is Rajasthan’s most romantic city and a perfect example of the Rajput’s (a maharaja dynasty) passion for the fantastical and fairy tale. The streets are full of intricate havelis, gorgeous palaces and misty temples. The grand City Palace on the banks of the lake compliments the palace along with the Monsoon Palace on the hill above, where Maharajas used to spend the rainy season when the Lake grew high. But the most remarkable building is the Lake Palace, one of the sceneries used in the James Bond movie Octopussy. People in Udaipur are so proud of it that every hotel offers screenings of the film daily.


    Backpackers concentrate on the Lake Pichola shore, either in Lal Ghat or Hanuman Ghat, two areas full of narrow lanes paved with tales of a heroic past, and from where sunset and sunrise views are amazing. We found a very quiet hotel in the Lal Ghat, away from the noisy main streets and we felt so comfortable on it. As the time passed by we couldn’t scape to the magic of this wonderful city, so we surrendered and stayed longer than expected


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