• Travelling after New Year’s Eve: impossible mission

    What’s happening?? that’s what we kept asking ourselves every time we tried to book any transport out of Udaipur. The answer was quite simple, although we didn’t realise until somebody explained to us. Booking a train or bus ticket for the first days of the new year was almost impossible. It had to be done in advance, at least one month prior to the departure date for some of the destinies, and of course we hadn’t done such thing. We didn’t even decide where we wanted to go after Udaipur and we certainly don’t plan much our trip in advance but just let it flow. It was the 2nd of January and all the transports to big cities where fully booked. On one hand it’s the end of the winter holidays for the Indians, everyone has been visiting the family and these days they are going back to their places (remember, 1000 million people population in India). On the other hand, all the tourists are moving to other destinations, after spending New Year’s Eve in any of the hot spots. So what we do then? We spent hours surfing the net to find a train ticket, went to the railway station twice and also asked in many travel agencies. The result was always negative, we could not travel down south on the date we wanted, at least not on the easy and direct trains or buses. So after considering the few options we had, we decided to head to the Ajanta and Ellora caves, both in the Maharashtra state, linking buses with trains and more buses in a never ending 26 hours trip. Aaaggghhs!!!


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