• “Shanti, Shanti” is the Indian way

    Travelling around India can be hard. From the Indian border in Sunauli, we got in a bus to Gorakhpur and enjoyed the human warmth of an indian local bus encapsulated between dozens of people. Plans don’t always work as they should, and we had to wait in the station until the train to Varanasi left in the late afternoon. Furthermore, it was expected to arrive in the holy city at around 7 pm, so that we would have enough time to find a place to stay, settle down, rest, have dinner… Unsurprisingly, the train was going quite slow during the whole trip and it end up with a 6 hours delay, which were a real nightmare for us. It was 1 am as we got to Varanasi Junction, it was a bit cold and all the hotels around the station were closed or full. There was no other place to spend the night and we just settled down on the floor in the main entrance of the station, right between an indian family and a group of sleepy pilgrims. We slept short but good and all our things were still there as we woke up, so it was a good lesson to learn, that in case of delays, cancellations or whatever it could happen to our train schedule, we can always lay down in the station and have a nap without being disturbed, robbed or scold. Indian way is the best way to do things in India!!


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