• Resting in Udaipur

    Our trip is being quite good so far. Since we don’t have any time limit (we are travelling until we run out of money), we can allow us to take things easy and stay as long as we feel like in any place, so if we like Udaipur, we stay until we get bored of it. It is also nice to settle down in a place after so long travelling, unpack your bag, get to know your neighbours, the hostel staff, the people in the surrounding shops and restaurants… It is great to walk around and greet people on your way, but not like on the first days when sellers greet you continuously to pick your attention to their shops. It’s a different feeling when you have been staying in the same place for while, you know the people, you know the streets, you know this lovely place to eat, you feel as a local. After a while travelling your body and mind need a rest. If you find the right place to do it, it becomes a delightful experience to just sit down, relax and enjoy as the time passes by.


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