• Prearranged marriages

    Our visit to Varanasi coincide with an auspicious time for marriages. We saw many Indian couples offering “puja” to the Ganges river and many other wedding ceremonies all around. While relatives sang and danced very happily, couples seemed to be in most of the cases sad and not having a very good time. We wondered why…


    Marriage is a very serious matter in the Indian society. Love marriages are not very usual, and are normally prearranged by the families, who decide the perfect bridal couple for their son or daughter. Everything has to correspond, from the religion to the caste, the economic status, the language, the alimentary habits and the horoscope. If these premises don’t fit the marriage won’t take place otherwise the couple risks to be excluded of the family and society. Therefore the marriages are not based on love and become a mere trade transaction between families. It is not surprising then finding thousands of advertisements on the Indian newspapers, specifically organised by religion, caste and sub-caste and profession, looking for the perfect wife or husband.


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