• Munnar and the tea plantations

    Munnar is another one of India’s long list of hill stations, this one lying in between square kilometres of emerald green tea plantations that satisfy the needs of many of the tea lovers/drinkers around the world. The town is also know for its spice plantations, and the aroma of all those spices spreads in the wind coming out from the high number of shops in every street.


    Once again, bad timing to come to a hill station. We had not realise that it was Friday again, which means that many people escape from the hot city and move to any of the fresh hill stations, and there were two different bunk holidays happening at the beginning of the next week, so hotels were almost fully booked, streets pretty full and silence and tranquillity, what we were hunting, were totally absent.


    In any case, we enjoyed every minute hiking through the tea bushes and met some of the always smile local people, among them some of the all female crew in one of the huge plantations.

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