• Matheran, the hill station

    After the visit to busy Mumbai, our wish was to find a good place for a quiet and cheap stay. To relax, trek and work a bit on this travel blog to keep it up to date. We thought we have found the right place in Matheran, an environmental friendly town in the mountains where motor vehicles and plastic bags are banned. This thing surprised us, since it is not very common in India at all. After arriving there we realised that the town was by far not what we were expecting. We arrived uphill with a toy train, which was good fun, paid the compulsory 25 rupees entrance fee to town and wandered around the over lightened main street. Surprised by the lights, colours and products of the multiple surrounding shops, it seemed to us for a moment that we were in an fair. The town was busy and loud, even though that vehicles are not allowed inside. Most of the visitors were groups of young Indian friends, wanting to party and escape of the high temperatures of the plains. So we didn’t find the quietness we were expecting to.


    Nevertheless, we did different treks, from a couple of hours to half day excursions, through beautiful forests and scenic point views, although the mist didn’t allowed us to get the best views. The trails were highly populated with monkeys and we had to “fight” once with one of them ,as he was trying to take our bag with him. The result: Hector felt down on a rocky place and hurt his leg. The monkey run away fast and without the bag. Hector knows now the fact, monkeys are real wild animals and not just sweet game fellows to play with.

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