• Jaisalmer

    From Jaipur we took a sleeper train to Jaisalmer, the closest city to the Great Thar Desert and just 70 kilometres away from the Pakistan border. Jaisalmer, the Golden City, has a sandstone fort which seems to be taken from a fairytale, placed on the top of a hill from where the views of the surrounding area are splendid.


    Jaisalmer fort is still inhabited and encircles many narrow alleys and streets full of houses, hotels, shops and havelis (the traditional Rajasthan’s houses for wealthy merchants), as well as the beautiful old palace of the former ruler. We were delighted from the peaceful and magic atmosphere of the city. In addition to that, real camel men with their turbans and big mustaches and women dressed in old traditional costumes evoked ancient desert splendor and exotic trade routes.

    jaisalmers-fort-gate.JPG                  jaisalmer-girls.jpg

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