• India Gate and the city bazaars

    Bearing in mind that we prefer to get in contact with locals, learn from their culture and get to know their traditions rather than spend our time admiring old stones and commemorative buildings, we decide to visit some of the bustling bazaars in which you can find everything from leather work to jewelery, carpets, textiles, electronics, spices and tea. Getting lost in the old city’s colorful and convoluted bazaars is half the fun of shopping here. Connaught Place, Paharganj (where most of the backpackers stay due to the big number of budget hostels) and Chandni Chowk, which is best navigated by cycle-rickshaw. Near the Fatehpuri Masjid, on Khari Baoli, is the aromatic Spice Market, full of fiery-red chili powders and burnt-orange turmeric among other spices, as well as pickles, tea and nuts.


    We end up the day at India Gate, a huge stone memorial arch for all the Indian army soldiers who died in WWI. Indian families and groups of friends gather here to spend the afternoon in the surrounding gardens. Lay on the grass and just count the seconds until an Indian gets closer to you just to fulfill his curiosity and ask you countless questions or simply stare at you, be patient!!


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