• Heading to Nepal

    We decided to leave Delhi as soon as possible due to different reasons: on one hand, the noise and pollution in the city. On the other hand, it was just the third day of a very long trip and we only wanted to do one thing: travel!! We booked a sleeper train from Delhi to Haldwani, took a rickshaw to the bus station and then a bus to Banbasa. Almost two days travelling in the end!

    Bambasa is the “gate to Nepal” if you are going from India to the western side of the country. We spent some hours there playing with children in a mission (it was totally unexpected but we found it, were welcomed and stayed there for a while), and the night in a crappy hotel close to the bus stand of the town. After a few hours sleep, we were awaken by polyphonic horns coming from trucks and buses willing to cross the border. Later that morning a very nice guy from the mission offered us a ride on his jeep to the Nepali city of Mahendranagar, where we got stuck for a couple of days because we trusted a man who believe himself to be the town’s magnate and tried to organise and plan our trip for us, luckily we succeed to get rid of him just on time!!


    The highlights of this stage of the trip were the good experience we had travelling in a sleeper train, the ride on a borrowed bicycle around rice fields and villages, the short visit to the Natural Reserve of Sukla Panta and the funny story in which we got to know the Superintendent head of the Nepali Police while somebody bribed him with some cakes and coffee. If we thought India was a crazy country, Nepal didn’t tarry at all!!



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