• Goa

    Goa is the selected place for many tourists to spend their long term winter vacations due to its mild weather, its scenic palm-fringed beaches, natural harbours, wide rivers and the occidental ambience all around the state. The coast line has everything, from white sand beaches and river mouths to Portuguese fort ruins guarding rocky caves. Goa’s inland is also beautiful, with tropical forests, paddy fields, coconut palm groves and small villages. Due to its colonial past, Goa has a character quite distinct from the rest of India. Goans are easy going and friendly people with a good sense of humour.


    Apart from historical sites and nice beaches, entertainment is also assured in Goa. Hollywood movies and sport events are screened in many bars. Cultural events, such as music jam sessions or DJ sessions, are held on many hotels and restaurants along the coast. Motorbikes and scooters can be rented on daily, weekly or monthly basis to cover the short distances between all the touristy towns in Goa and the innumerable beaches, plus the scenic rides through rice fields, forests or over river channels and small lakes. Goa has long been known as the party scene for western ravers, coming here to enjoy the never ending full moon parties. Although its glorious days are over, the touristy infrastructure is still developing to allocate the every year bigger tourist demand. Nevertheless we where pleasantly surprised when we discovered that there are still beautiful and quiet hidden places in some parts of Goa, where you can escape from the tourist crowds and the noisy parties and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and time passing by.

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