• Delhi

    selling coconuts on a bus

    India’s capital and metropolis with huge economic and cultural differences between its inhabitants. The city has attracted a big number of immigrants, converting it in an overcrowded city (12,8 million people), in an overpopulated country. Delhi has loads to offer, from the narrow and intricate streets of Old Delhi to the spacious and planned New Delhi, although its huge dimensions and its urban chaos make it almost impossible to explore it all.


    Expecting to return to the city again, either on another visit or as the gateway of another trip, we decide to take it easy and just explore a tiny bit of Delhi’s treasures: Red Fort, India Gate, Old Delhi and some of the most important city bazaars. We also explored our friends’ neighborhood, Kalkaji, which hasn’t much to offer but it was one of the most interesting things that we did freshly arrived from Europe. During our three days visit to the city we spent the most of the time getting in contact with India’s diversity.


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