• Chapora and the North of Goa

    Many western travellers are very attracted to Goa’s beaches and landscapes and spend most of the winter time chilling out on a hammock or sitting on one of the many bars and restaurants along the state. The average temperature here from October to March is around 30°C. Chapora and other towns in northern Goa are some of the hits for young travellers and backpackers and also the party scene for all those ravers and party-seekers.


    We spent almost 2 weeks exploring every corner of Chapora and surroundings, making new friends and just relaxing under some coconut trees on the sea shore. It was our re-encounter with friends, parties, alcohol and, obviously, hangovers after many months of sobriety: a good way to remember our uses and habits back in Spain…


    We highly recommend to stay in any of Chapora’s nice and cheap hostels, to rent a bike (a scooter is good enough but Einfiled’s, the indian Harley Davidson’s, are also available at very low rates comparing to any of the western countries) and ride around, north and south, to find the most beautiful places by your own: we are not going to disclose any secret in this travel blog, insider tips should not be put on every hand’s reach, but we can assure you that there are still secret-hidden beaches, which the common tourist never find. Good luck with your search!!

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