• Back in Delhi

    The reason to go back to Delhi was more a necessity to sort out certain things than a real desire to visit the city, although it was nice to be hosted at our friends’ place and spend time with them again. They are real travelers and it was good to exchange travel experiences with them. Our stay it’s been longer than planned this time and it helped us to get to know some “off the beaten track” places in the city that more tourist don’t get to visit, although we have left the most touristy routes for another time (if there’s a third one). We have been able to rest properly, watch films and satellite TV, go out, eat and also to update the Smartnest backpackers travel blog… we even cooked again after 2 months dreaming about it!!! Our spanish omelette and spaghetti were our friend’s delight. After a week we finally succeeded to get a train ticket to Agra and left Delhi early in the morning.

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