• Ajanta Caves

    On our long and chaotic trip from Rajastan to the Ajanta caves we crossed oceans of red chillies drying out under the sun on the sides of the railway tracks, women dressed in colourful saris collecting the harvest and happy children running along with the train. The sun was strong and time was passing very slow. After long hours on buses and trains we finally arrived to Jalgaon, where we stayed overnight in a pretty small single room for both of us and the hundreds of mosquitoes who called this room home. It was them or us, so we decided to impose our strength and bigger size to kill them all. Bad karma for us, although our visit to the sacred caves on the next morning should help us to clean our sins.

    We started at 5:30 in the morning, earlier than we normally use to wake up on any other day, and walked the few kilometres distance to the local bus stand. It was there where we met Cato and Jamie, a couple of very friendly birdwatchers who stimulated this interesting hobby on us, since then we pay much more attention to the birds we see on our way and it’s really good fun. With them we continued our way to Ellora caves in the evening and shared the most of the time together that day. About the caves… gorgeous caves with a very fine style were excavated from II B.C. to VI A.D in the rock surface of a mountain overlooking a narrow river on the bottom of the rocks. All the caves where carved for religious purposes. The location of the valley provided a calm and serene environment for the Budhdist monks who retreated at these secluded places during the rainy season. The bad thing of the visit was the big number of school kids who were also visiting the caves, staring at us and screaming around instead of admiring the carved works, which made our visit a bit less satisfactory. It reminded us some of the cultural excursions in our childhood, when us and the rest of our class didn’t really care about that painting or sculpture our teacher was trying to explain to us, and we were really excited about loosing one day of school on a day trip. In any case, the caves are amazing and a visit to them is really worth, even if they are not on your way.

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