• World Cup in Nest Hostels Valencia

    World Cup in Nest HostelsFor the FIFA World Cup Nest Hostels has prepared a crazy program for you. The matches will be broadcast in the Purple Nest and play with us during the World Championship and win free drinks or a free night :

    * Guess the result of the MATCH OF THE DAY and win FREE DRINKS !!!
    * Guess 4 results right and win A FREE NIGHT at one of our hostels in Valencia!!!

    World Cup program in the Purple Nest Hostel :

    Monday : Margarita Night
    Tuesday : Mojito Party
    Wednesday : Pizza Night
    Thursday : Mojito Night
    Friday : Paella + Sangria in the Red Nest Hostel of Valencia and Margarita Night in the Purple after.

    Enjoy the world cup with Nest Hostel !

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