• Too high expectations about Kochi

    We arrived in Ernakulam, twin city to Kochi, by train and very early in the morning. The good idea we had, was to store our luggage in the cloak room in the station, just to be free during the first morning hours to walk around and find a cheap place to rest for that night. Ernakulam and Kochi are divided by a wide deep channel home to many species of fish, such as the dolphins we saw during our lunch break in a roof top restaurant by the river.


    While Kochi hosts the old and beautiful part of the city, Ernakulam is the modern and busy capital of the region. Both them are hot and humid, and our bicycle ride and walk all around the streets on our search for a hostel was hard and sometimes annoying. We didn’t like it much, so we decided not to stay as long as we were expecting.
    We spent more time walking than anything else but also enjoyed much our few stops on a fresh juice bar, the boat rides and the Kathakali show early in the evening, where we could first get in contact with this beautiful south indian art expression.


    In any case, although we didn’t find the city as interesting as we first thought, we will never (I say never) forget this city for some negative reasons. On one side, the heat was so strong that we even felt dizzy and tired and were not able to enjoy our walks through the older part of Fort Cochin. On the other side, a legion of bed bugs were the real owners of the mattress we had rent in the hostel and didn’t allow us to have a proper sleep in the whole night. It was the first time so far that we’ve had these little bothersome creatures sleeping with us and it will hopefully be the last time too… f**cking bugs!!!

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