• Simla hotel in Jaisalmer

    On the train to Jaisalmer we met an Indian guy who kept trying to convince all the backpackers in the carriage to go to his hotel, offering a free ride from the station and cheap accommodation. After many months travelling we are so aware of the amount of touts looking for a commission, so we just told him that we would go and check the rooms with no compromise. This way we got a ride to town for free and looked for another hotel. Good that we took that decision because we found a very nice hotel inside the fort. The Simla Hotel was like a palace, a 500 years old building completely constructed in yellow sandstone, in which everything was well looked after. Our room was the best room we have had so far, being the cheapest of the hotel, so imagine the others! It had also a beautiful open air roof top, where you could lay down and admire the sunsets. And the staff were very friendly and helpful and made us feel like at home. We had such a good time there!


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