• See you soon Asia

    Time goes fast if you don’t think about it. We haven’t thought much about it and without realising, it is almost one year since we started our trip in Asia. So far we have been travelling in India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, and there are still loads of places to visit. Our dream of travelling in Asia is still alive and somehow we feel, it will never ever be over. We love this continent and its people. We love the whole planet and will never stop discovering it. It will take us long, aproximately a life time, but we will cover the world from one side to the other. Promise!

    The past months have been very intense and rewardful. We have learnt and experienced a lot of things and have had a lot of fun doing it, but now we feel like having a pause for a while, returning to a more boring life and recharging batteries and money supplies for new future adventures. This means we feel like going back home, to Valencia.

    Once having decided that, we are catching a flight back in October, spending some time in Germany first to visit some friends before arriving in Valencia. We feel strong and adventorous. Be aware Valencia, we will be back soon!! And bye bye Asia, we let you rest for a while!!

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