• Our wooden house in Koh Tao

    We started to feel kind of sick of nonstop travelling a couple of weeks ago. It is a pretty confusing feeling because we really love to travel and want to go on with our trip, but at the same time we feel tired of visiting new places everyday and never get to know them well. We have the feeling that we need some holidays from our trip again, something like a stop over to settle and rest for a while. For a couple of weeks, maybe for a month… This is why we decided to look for a house for rent in the island.


    Surrounded by green and coconut trees, amid the jungle in a quiet valley we found our place that morning, right on the deadline point we had fixed to find a house or leave the island. The house hunting was exhausting due to the strong sun these days. We had checked different houses for rent, but they were not what we were looking for. It was on our way back to the hotel room when we found Gong Valley, just a 50 metres detour off an important road, and a 5 minutes walk to the main pier in Koh Tao, so kind of isolated but well comunicated.


    The house is made of wood and bamboo, it’s pretty basic and has a lot of charm. From the beginning we liked the good vibes of the owner and his place. He showed us around the valley and the 6 different houses he made himself. All of them have a bedroom, a toilet and a basic kitchen (gas fire, small fridge and a wooden bench, that’s all). Exactly what we were looking for! Outside the house, big front terraces where to admire the view over the valley from your hammock, some hundreds of metres from the sea.


    We directly felt in love with the place and decided to rent one of the houses for 15 days, later we would see if we were staying longer or not. At the moment, that half month is not over yet and we feel so good here, that we are thinking to stay even longer. That would mean to have to extend our visa and change plans again but, who cares, we are on holidays now and can do whatever we want!


    We have found also our way to go to the beaches that are far by hitch-hiking. It worked out well in the north of the country and it seems pretty easy in the south too. You just need to stand by the side of the road and stop any car driving in your direction. That’s all. Life here is easy and good. Wake up, have some breakfast and see what you feel like. Later put some sunscreen on and go to the beach with mask and snorkel to see the amazing underwater world. When you feel tired, get some lunch and have some rest. Late in the afternoon it depends, watching a movie, surfing the internet or going out for a drink. What else could we ask for? We are starting to call Koh Tao home…

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  1. Empar & Juan dice:

    Hola chicos!!!
    Menuda parada habeis hecho, menudo acierto!!!!! que envidia sana que nos dais… vamos a ahorrar y nos volvemos a Tailandia con vosotrooooos!!!!
    Fue genial encontraros en nuestro viaje, muy divertido y… didáctico, ja ja ja.
    Muchos besos y mucho amor desde Alzira. Os queremos.

  2. Hector dice:

    Hey pareja!
    Pues si volveis a Tailandia, aqui os esperamos!!!
    Que se os echa de menos una barbaridad!!!
    Cuidaros mucho, dejaros el curro y volveros para aca, y si no (habia que probar…), nos vemos en la terreta pronto.
    Muchos besos!!!

  3. Ramon dice:

    Hi, i found your blog whilst trying to plan a long trip to Koh Toa. I am wondering if you could tell me how much your wooden house is costing per week and how much living there is(food , internet etc.) any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Keep livin the dream

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