• Is the adventure over?

    Adventure of life is never over until death meets us, so this travel adventure will never be over until the lady of the scythe comes to pick us. We don’t need to travel far away from home to learn about life and we will continue experimenting with new trips, from local to international destinations.  It seems we will be partially spending our closest future making an insight of our lovely city, Valencia, and its surroundings but we will always keep on doing and carrying out new plans like the one that took us to Asia one year ago. When you hit the road once and like it, you never stop liking it… Either by plane, boat, road or foot we will move around the world forever. Either catching free rides or paying for them we will visit every corner in the planet and grow with every experience we make. So, who knows what is going to be our next destination on the map after we visit Augsburg (Germany) and arrive in Valencia by the end of October.

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