• 8 ways to find cheap flights

    Some advantages of the Internet are the ability to compare prices in different places doing few clicks and purchase products and services without leaving our seats.

    This, for example, can be used when planning trips, and making big savings by booking online.  So, here a list of eight sites for cheap flights and other tourism offers.

    Since aggregators to online travel agencies, all serve to take a short break, but saving money.

    Rumbo: It let you book flights, hotels, cruises, trains, buses and rental cars. It highlights the variety of means of payment as well as the ability to purchase insurance for cancellations or assistance. Through agreements with other companies, you can also buy tickets for shows or rent apartments.  www.rumbo.es

    Despegar: primarily aimed at Latin America, meets deals on flights, hotels, car rentals and tour packages, under a policy of “best price guarantee.” The entire transaction is performed at the site, but then the payment is processed for the account and order of their respective companies. It also has its own social network.  www.despegar.com

    Destinia: like “Despegar”, bills itself as a service that guarantees the best rate. To do this, not only has a significant number of budget airlines, but also determines possible combinations between several companies, with the idea of ​​reducing the price. Another attraction are the last-minute deals.  www.destinia.com

    Vuelos Baratos: Besides searching among offers for hundreds of traditional airlines and low cost, offers the possibility to see at what times of year there are further discounts. Another useful feature is the comparison of rates with the prices of trains, buses and ferries, to determine what is really the most economical.   www.vuelosbaratos.es

    Skyscanner: it is a tool designed primarily for travel planning because, besides allowing specific search for flights, hotels and car hire, also recommends possible destinations. The reservation is made directly to each company, without additional charges. It also offers an application for Android.   www.skyscanner.es

    Trabber: This is an aggregator like “vuelosbaratos”,but with a smaller offer, which can even combine flights from different websites. Two interesting features are the trip planner for both individual and group use, and software Q & A community.   www.trabber.com

    LastMinute: as imagine by its name, its strength are the cheapest last minute. To find the most economical combinations, you can specify flexible dates, thus taking advantage of the promotions companies or specific days time bands.  www.es.lastminute.com

    Travelprice: in this case, the highlight is hiring roundtrip flights hotels, for which charges no management costs. Two useful tools are the price schedule, with trips for specific dates that are planned in advance, and the search engine offers for the weekend. www.travelprice.es

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