• Augsburg and the german fall

    The only way we found to forget about having spent eleven hours in an almost full plane, during the day, with a short legroom and with really bad movies on the screen, was by drinking a couple of those tasteful “helles beer” –hell here means light colour, not the hell- that make Germany so well known.

                             centro-augsburg.JPGSeriously, a pain in the arse would have feel better than this plane. Imagine ourselves realising we were on our way back home – great!- but at the same time leaving Asia and some of our dreams behind –horrible!-. The flight took edges and we weren’t able to sleep any minute. At least the price was cheap –if any one wants to fly cheap to Bangkok, check with airberlin starting from Germany-.                canal-augsburg.JPG

    At the airport, we had people and of course some beers welcoming us and thus we forgot easily about the contradictory feelings on the plane. We were back in Europe again, in the middle of October and at 18 degrres Celsius, such a luxury for a german fall.


     Augsburg is a nice small city, great for long walks in the surrounding forests which at this time of the year looked really, really pretty. We spent hours hiking on sunny days, admiring the gorgeous reddish colour of the trees and the silence of the german forests and small towns around Augsburg. Back in the city we visited the oldtown and spent some time in a couple of cool bars drinking bayerish beer –not only a drink, but almost a meal!- and complete our time there by chatting about world politics and the way to save the world with our friends –who does not have this kind of conversations with friends after liters and liters of beers?                



    We finally left Augsburg behind and catched a low cost airline plane to Valencia. The trip is over now, well, let’s say it’s on the half time. We have many plans for the next months in Valencia and one of them is to travel around the city in order to know it better than we actually do.

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    I’ve heard some goody things about this blog. Remember to balance the pics with the text tho :) but over all very nice post, keep up the good work

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