The sporting event of the year returns this summer to Valencia. Tomorrow the city will be holding the motor-world’s main event: Formula 1. A spectacular urban circuit, more than 5 kilometers long with 25 curves, will convert Valencia into the perfect stage for the world’s best pilots.

    The roar of engines, exclusive designs, spectacular curves, the port… this is Formula 1, this is Valencia. It’s time to come on board the sporting event of the year.


    The Circuit

    The circuit where the Formula 1 Telefonica Grand Prix of Europe will be held is a street circuit around the Juan Carlos 1 Marina, which was the base for the 32nd America’s Cup, the most important sailing competition in the world.

    The layout will also enter in the area currently undergoing expansion from the city itself towards the port area and will link two of the great maritime avenues.

    Under these premises a layout that guarantees the safety of the participants was created, that would not disrupt normal life of the local population too much, that would be completely sustainable and that would have a careful impact of the wellbeing of the Valencians.

    With that in mind, the circuit will be set up and taken down on avenues and streets for conventional use and will be surfaced according to the indications of the International Automobile Federation.


    Track layout

    The Valencia Street Circuit is framed by the Grao area and more specifically will pass through the inner docks of the port and around the streets of the future neighbourhood that will eventually be built between the railway track, the port and the old bed of the River Turia.

    Despite being a street track, its specifications and safety are the same as at a permanent track. The track length is nearly five and a half kilometres long and the width will be at least 14 metres wide including two hard shoulders of asphalt agglomerate identical to those of the track, each a metre wide on each side. Likewise runoff zones will be accounted for on the turns.

    The asphalt surface that will be used will be made up of modified bitumen with strong resistance to horizontal traction as applied to the surfaces of racing tracks. It will also have the usual drainage systems and in difference to the rest of the city streets it will not have any manhole or drain covers.



    The Track

    Total track length:           5,419 km / 3,367 miles

    Laps in a race:   57

    Distance in a race:           308,883 km (191,919 miles)

    Fastest lap in a race:      1:38.683 (Timo Glock, 2009) 197,688 km/h

    Fastest lap:        1:37.587 (Sebastian Vettel, 2011) 199,908 km/h

    Estimated maximum speed:      315 km/h

    Estimated minimum speed:       50 km/h

    DRS areas:          2

    Length of Pit Lane:         657 metres

    Minimum width on home straight:         15 metres

    Minimum width on rest of track:             12 metres

    Turns:   25

    Left turns:          11

    Right turns:        14


    Here you can find the full timetable for the F1 2012 Grand Prix of Europe and the support races: GP2, GP3 and Porsche Mobil 1 SuperCup.
    22nd June 2012, Friday

    08:30     09:15     GP3       Practice Session

    09:15     09:45     Formula One     Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk

    10:00     11:30     Formula One     First Practice Session

    12:00     12:30     GP2       Practice Session

    12:45     13:45     Formula One     Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk

    14:00     15:30     Formula One     Second Practice Session

    16:00     16:30     GP2       Qualifying Session

    17:00     17:45     Porsche Mobil 1 SuperCup         Practice Session


    23rd June 2012, Saturday

    08:30     09:15     Formula One     Pit Stop Practice

    08:30     09:30     Formula One     Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk

    09:45     10:15     GP3       Qualifying Session

    11:00     12:00     Formula One     Third Practice Session

    12:25     12:55     Porsche Mobil 1 SuperCup         Qualifying Session

    13:00     13:45     Formula One     Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk

    14:00     15:00     Formula One     Qualifying Session

    15:40     16:45     GP2       First Race (30 laps or 60 mins)

    17:20     17:55     GP3       First Race (14 laps or 30 mins)


    24th June 2012, Sunday

    09:25     10:00     GP3       Second Race (14 laps or 30 mins)

    10:35     11:25     GP2       Second Race (23 laps or 45 mins)

    11:45     12:20     Porsche Mobil 1 SuperCup         Race (14 laps or 30 mins)

    12:25     13:15     Formula One     Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk

    12:30     Formula One     Drivers Track Parade

    13:30     Formula One     Pit Lane Open

    13:45     Formula One     Pit Lane Closed – Grid Formation

    14:00     16:00     Formula One     Grand Prix (57 laps or 120 mins)



    www.valenciastreetcircuit.com / www.formula1.com / http://www.nest-hostels.com/



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