• Vietnam, such a nice surprise

    Fearing things before they happen is not our way to proceed but, somehow, we had been warned so many times –by other fellow travellers and by different guide books- about the rude manners, the scams and the dangers of travelling in Vietnam, that we unconsciously were more mindful than we normally are. Such a false prejudice, we arrived in Chau Doc and were completely amazed with the people, the food, the city and everything around.


    As we were walking around town with our backpacks looking for a convenient place to stay –prices for accommodation seemed to be way higher than we were used to pay- we met again Juan and Empar, two other valencian guys we had met in Bangkok around 3 weeks ago. From that moment onwards, we would travel together around South Vietnam and have loads of fun.


    One of the highlights of our stay in Chau Doc was the food. Cheap fruit and sweets stalls were to find all around, and we discovered a place that offered high class vegetarian food at local prices and with a huge variety. It was a “Com Chai”, somehow a kind of pure vegetarian restaurant family run that can be found everywhere in Vietnam, although it is not a chain nor same in every place.

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