• Trying out some tapas bars in Valencia

    One of the things we have missed (don’t read missed, it was more like “i know it and I like it, so I would like to have it sometime soon…”) during our trip in India and Nepal was the spanish food, among everything “tapas”. Our fantasy flew many times without any control while sitting in Indian dhabas or restaurants before we could realise we were just dreaming about having “patatas bravas”, “escalibada” or any of these delicacies served in every “tapas” bar. So, back in Spain we did not wait much time to go to one of our preferred tapas bars in Valencia, El Pilar or La Casa de las Clochinas as it is known in El Carmen district of Valencia. Although our city is not the best place in Spain for having “tapas”, this is something one can never miss when coming for a visit in Valencia. Ask at the hostel or surf the internet to find the address of this bar, the food is really good there!!


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