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  • Kanyakumari, a short visit to the end of the Indian Subcontinent


    The southernmost point of the Indian Subcontinent is an apparently small fisherman town, which actually spreads out very wide in a big piece of land where the Indian Ocean meets the Arabian Sea. It is also a place of pilgrimage for Hindus, which makes from this town an interesting place to stop over and rest for a couple of days, visit the temple and join the morning and evening puja (prays and offerings in Hindu religion) in the beach.


    It is here where we met Andrea, an Italian guy who lives in London and who was able to give us a very good introduction into what meditation means . He also recommended us one place in Gokarna (one of our next moves in India) to learn more about its theory and praxis, which we will definitely check out once we are there. It is a shame that we are not able to rewrite on this travel blog all the information he gave to us.
    Our expectations (made out from the guide book that we and almost every traveller carries with him) of finding an “end of the world feeling” on this town disappeared soon. Cape Comorin, although being the tip of the country, is not as pointed as it looks like in the map and the views here are nothing special.