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    Fathepur Sikri is a magnificent fortified ghost city just 40 km away from Agra. It was built with the purpose to be the new capital of the Mughal Empire in 1571, during the reign of Emperor Akbar, and it was abandoned just 15 years later (after Akbar death) because the city is built in an area that suffered from water shortages, so its palaces, mosque and the rest of the buildings were unused very soon. The compound is one of the Unesco’s World Heritage sites and is worth to visit it in a day trip from Agra. There are also a couple of hotel resorts (not low budget, though), bazaars, restaurants and a small village at the foot of the walled city. Is possible to stay there, although we think is better to stay in Agra, get a local bus for a few rupees and visit the ruins in half a day. It is highly recommendable to climb up the Hiran Minar on the North side of the city and enjoy the great views of the palaces and surroundings. It is possible to wander around the ruins and outside the main buildings for free, whereas if you plan to enter to the palaces be prepared to pay again 10 times more than indian citizens.