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  • Guide to Street Art: Valencia


    Setting the bar for legendary paella and ridiculous week-long fire fiestas, Valencia now adds street art to its list of claims to fame. Politically charged and creativity infested, Spain’s third largest city is gaining some serious street cred as an urban art capital worth hitting up.

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  • Valentine’s Day Around the World


    All over the world, people celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking the opportunity to reaffirm their love to spouses, sweethearts and special ones.  While customs and traditions of celebrating vary from country to country due to social and cultural differences, the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts exchanged between loved ones are cards, fresh flowers and chocolates. Here’s a look at five different countries and how they celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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  • Cabalgata de Los Reyes Magos (The Three Kings Parade)


    While more and more homes in Spain are receiving visits from Papa Noel at Christmas, the 6th of January is traditionally the time when children receive their gifts, brought to them on the Día de los Reyes, the Day of the Kings, by the Three Kings, the Reyes Magos.

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  • Hispanic Day (Día de la Hispanidad) – October 12th


    This friday we celebrate in Spain theHispanic Day (Día de la Hispanidad) or National Day (Fiesta Nacional de España). It is an annual national public holiday in Spain on October 12. It marks the anniversary of when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas in 1492.



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  • Beer fiesta: Oktoberfest 2011 Valencia


    This week Munich’s world famous Oktoberfest is making a brief detour to set up camp in Valencia’s Plaza de Toros from the 1st to 17th September.

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  • David Guetta will light your fire in Valencia


    The best DJ of the world, David GUETTA is taking place on Friday 24th June at Valencia’s space-age Agora Arena, which makes up part of the breathtaking City of Arts and Sciences, this one-off concert will close the first day of the grand prix qualifying stages in spectacular style.

    As well as having recorded three chart topping, platinum selling albums under his own name, the French born superstar DJ is currently one of the hottest record producers in the world.

    Sure you know his music. Double Grammy winner Guetta’s signature sound of quirky electro, throbbing house and dirty pop has provided the backbone of global hits for the likes of Madonna, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, while his collaboration with F1 Rocks Singapore stars, Black Eyed Peas, on their huge hit, I’ve Gotta Feeling, propelled the track to the top spot of the charts in no less than 17 countries and securing the song the prestigious position of most downloaded song ever on iTunes.

    Tickets for this exclusive event will go on sale here shortly priced at €45 + service charge. Please keep checking for more information.

    When: 24/june/2011

    Where: Valencia’s space-age Agora Arena

    Price: from 45 euros

  • Flying


    Experience Human Flight from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

    A little movie with images that should be transmited at high speed but are taken at very low speed with a GoPro videocamera.
    Plenty of precious images and with a delicious piano music. Enjoy in HD!
    P.D: Properly, it´s a promo of a parachute academy in Australia.

  • It´s time for Halloween


    Calling all ghosts and goblins,

    it’s time for Halloween, and all things

    frightfully fun!!!!


    ¡Join us on the 31st of October

    from 10 pm in the Purple Nest Hostel!

    Be the best movie character and win

    One weekend in the White Nest Hostel


    Buy a drink join the raffle and win 2 tickets to

    the City and Sciences.

    It might be Scary…

    It might be a Fright…

    But it’s sure to be Fun

    on Halloween Night

    in Purple Nest Hostel!


  • Nest Hostels: Booking directly from Facebook!


    Nest Hostels & Facebook’s lovers are on a lucky streak as, from now onwards, our backpackers and guests will be able to book in our hostels directly from within the most popular social network.

    Our technical staff has been working hard to provide customers with this awsome and comfy feature that interconnects our booking engine with the Facebook App Platform. As a result, more comfort and less clicks are provided for those willing to book in one of the Nest Hostels located in Barcelona, Valencia, and Granada.

    From now on, any visitor who sees our Facebook profile or Facebook pages trying to get information about our hostels will have access to a new tab called “Booking” which leads to our booking engine.

    Once there, he will be able to fully carry out a booking transaction, from the availability search until the payment process, completely within Facebook, in a fast, intuitive and secure manner.

    Again, Nest Hostels gets ahead of the competition in supplying a richer user experience and customer satisfaction by means of the most cutting-edge technology on the market.

    So, what are you waiting for? Just try it out!!

  • Conclusion of Vietnam


    We entered the country thinking about a past war, rice fields and conical huts. We exit the country now thinking about many other things, much more interesting and appealing. Vietnam has so much to offer, and we have enjoyed it so much that we have promised ourselves to come back again sometime soon.

    vietnamese-taxi.JPG     street-vendor.JPG

    In short we could summarize:

    – People: big smiles and huge temperament -they always seemed to be arguying.
    – Landscapes: beutiful and colourful. It’s a shame that the sides of the road are built up to the extreme and towns and villages are spread in kilometres by the road.

    – Transport: easy and relatively good. The open bus ticket connects all the touristic places covering the whole length (more than 1700 km) of the country.
    – Food: amazing! One of the highlights for us. Everyone should try their “looks like meat/fish/seafood but it is not” Com Chai restaurants (pure vegetarian).
    – Culture: an interesting mix of religions, rituals, traditions and foreign influences resulting in a blend of colours, behaviours and human ideals.

    street-food-stall.JPG     shop-in-a-bike.JPG

    It could have been the food what made us fall in love with the country, or maybe the smiles of the people, or maybe the nature. It could have been many things but it is for sure the great experiences we have had what has made us crazy about Vietnam.


    We would recommend any traveller to start his trip from the south, where people are fun and friendly and not as much into taking your money as they are in the north. Mainly we would recommend the Mekhong Delta with its floating markets, cannals and fruit orchards, Mui Ne with its beautiful coastline and the sand dunes, the charming Hoi An with its peaceful atmosphere and great architecture and Halong Bay, one of the World’s wonder under our point of view. We are sure we have missed much of Vietnam but those have been the highlights of our one month trip there. Next time we will scape the tourist routes and avoid as much as possible the open bus tickets to come closer to the real life in Vietnam.


    To end this post and as a way to make a little joke –with our full respect to the vietnamese culture and traditions- we would like to share our thoughts about the similarities between north vietnamese -concretely Hanoi- and valencian people. While we have “Las Fallas” festival in our city, which means fire and noise everywhere, the streets in Hanoi are extremely noisy and people burn paper made representations of material objects -cars, motorbikes, clothes, watches, jewlery and money, USD being the most popular- in the streets every evening. These are offerings for their ancestors to have in “the other life”and have become one of the most succesful business in the city, as it happens in Valencia… Who is copying who?


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