• First days in Cambodia

    Right after crossing the border, we realised that Poi Pet was not the best place to stay at for the night. Casinos, duty free shops, cars, mud everywhere and taxi and tuk-tuk touts made from it a very bad choice to spend our time, plus it was almost as expensive as any average european big city but with a half of the quality standards. Getting out of town was difficult at that time of the day -more than 8 pm- since public local transport seemed to be inexistent. After one hour of arguing and bargaining hard we arranged a shared taxi for half the price of what they were asking for at the beginning and could get to Sisophon on the same day.


    Sisophon was as dead and dark as a cementery, so we stayed at the first hotel we found and just relaxed –watched a movie on the satellite TV, such a luxury- and slept until the next day. On the next morning we found difficulties again to find a honest taxi driver (there were again no buses or public transport) who would take us to our next stop, so we decided to take it easy and just have a good energising meal before deciding with whom to travel. Sitting in the restaurant, we kept on seeing locals who arrived in a pick up truck or a van and continued their way after having lunch. After asking a couple of them for their direction, we were invited by someone to travel with him to Siem Reap, obviously for free and with no hassle. It was great!! He was a young cambodian man working for an american oil company, so he could speak english very well and was able to explain us many things about his country’s history. The trail was in a pretty bad state, full of holes, rocks, mud or dust, and it doesn’t seem that it will be improved in long time. Apparently Thai Airways has the monopoly of the flights between Bangkok and Siem Reap (where the famous Angkor temple ruins are) and they pay to the corrupt government of Cambodia to not seal the road, so they can get all the tourist flow to Angkor. Such is the reality in this country, corruption everywhere. It took us almost 2 hours to get to Siem Reap, but the journey was fantastic, talking with him about politics, culture and corruption problems of Cambodia.

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